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Annelle Staal is a songwriter, streamer and entertainer known for their big personality and distinctly rich vocal tone. Annelle crafts soulful lush indie pop  and has a "wide wing span" of styles—ranging from sunny acoustics, moody ballads and nostalgic dance-tracks. 

When 2020's tumultuous beginning shook the world, Annelle's innovative spirit propelled them to reach their audience in a new way. Pioneering the world of Twitch.TV, the songwriter now hosts a live night show three days a week to a growing global audience. 

Annelle's second studio project was the eight track riveting album "Heart on My Sleeve" released in October 2020. The small album strips both their heart and sound bare, and serves as a commentary on self love, discovery and courage. "Mr. Christmas," Annelle's debut holiday single charmed the internet in 2020, with a goofy music video and relatable story.

The young artist's debut full-length album is anticipated in 2023, and their singles "Lemon Days,” ”Indoors,” “New People,” "Turquoise," "Hindsight Bias" and "Tonight" promise fuller version of their smooth, sultry sound and imagery-rich lyrical voice.


Celebrated by Celebrated by DIVA MagazineEarmilkABC News and BuzzFeed for their creativity and courage, Annelle's sultry voice and lyrically driven studio projects are impossible to ignore.


L  I  S  T  E  N


W  A  T  C  H


B  O  O  K  I  N  G


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